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Mastering Patience

IKEA is not a store that I associate with the virtue of patience. Assembling the furniture is a task that tries me in so many different ways. We recently bought a few new pieces in order to upgrade our home and prepare the kid’s room for the arrival of Felicity. Surprisingly, I was able to assemble the wardrobe by myself and anchor it to the wall with Alison’s help.

Anchoring and hanging are not my forte. Anchoring this particular wardrobe was especially difficult because not only did I have to mark the wall, insert an anchor, and line the wardrobe back up, but I had to drive a long screw with two large plastic spacers that were positioned between the wardrobe and the wall. After being too frustrated several months ago to be successful, this time I held the spacers in place on the wall with tape, and the process went much more smoothly.

It’s easy to let our emotions get the best of us and to get frustrated, but that reaction is counterproductive. Our minds flood with negativity that then must be directed somewhere, oftentimes towards those around us. I know that IKEA builds patience, but I think that it’s equally important to begin in the right frame of mind. By giving yourself plenty of time and having someone to help and provide their own ideas for getting the job done, you can have a much more pleasant time.

Patience is a virtue that isn’t easily mastered. In fact, it’s one of the more elusive virtues. Yet, for those who try and achieve some level of success, it’s one that brings peace and confidence into their lives. Patience will not only help you in assembling your latest piece from IKEA, it’ll help you build stronger relationships with those around you. Patience may be a virtue that I’m not very good at, but it should be one that I’m working on each day.