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IKEA Builds More than Furniture

IKEA just might be the greatest store in the world. The entire showroom is a playground for adults (and kids, too!). When you walk through the aisles, your imagination goes wild and begins putting everything into its place in your home. IKEA is the worst store in the world when you get home.

If you’re unfamiliar with IKEA, they feature modern, modular furniture that you pay bottom dollar for. In exchange, you get to assemble everything. It’s great because it usually takes at least 2 people for the assembly. That means that Alison and I get quality time together.

Assembling furniture is bad because it’s usually moderately difficult. If you’re like me and get frustrated easily, then this is going to be a challenge for you.IKEA supplies you with both the materials to build your furniture as well as plenty of opportunities to grow in patience.

Despite the challenges, it’s fun to use your mind deciphering assembly instructions and your hands to bring your furniture to life. If you work with your wife, it can be even more fun. Together you can build the furniture that will decorate your home together. I can think of few nicer things to do on the weekend.

IKEA builds more than furniture. They build opportunities for quality spousal time.