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She'll Drive You Nuts

It is getting pretty hard to find a guarantee anymore. But I’m all about adding value, so I’ll give you one right here.

Your wife? Your one true love? The one made for you? She’ll drive you nuts!

I know, it’s hard to hear it from me. It’s worst coming from a guy who just a few weeks ago
posted an article called “She’s Perfect.”

Well she is perfect. But living together in matrimony, let’s just say there’s an adjustment period.

You don’t notice you own habits while you’re living as a single man. But boy do they come out in your first weeks of marriage.

The things you do are going to drive her crazy. The things she does are going to drive you crazy.

If you’re neat, she’s a mess. If you can’t clean to save your life, your pad is going to be sparkling and you won’t be able to find a dang thing.

No matter what, you’ll hate it.

But don’t miss the point.

The point is not how we organize our stuff or on what schedule we clean.

The point is that you are now a Domestic Church. The point is, now you are joined as one.

Habits and idiosyncrasies, those are superficial. Your love, your true, pure love, that’s deep.

So, when she’s driving you crazy, realize you are seeing this on a superficial level. Go deeper and respond in love.