Catholic Husband

Love / Lead / Serve

She's Perfect

Your wife is perfect for you. She is exactly what you need.

From the beginning of time and space, you were both meant to be together, to form a domestic Church.

Think about that for a few moments. In all of time and space, you two found each other. The perfect background story set you both up for success. It is because of past relationships and hurts that you were both looking for something particular. It was through a very complex chain of choices that you both met each other, against all odds. Two people finding each other in an ocean of 6 billion people.

That says something to me, and I hope it says something to you. It is no accident that you met. It is no accident that you got married.

Life doesn't happen on accident. This truth speaks something very clear to me.

If, against all odds, you found each other, there must be a particular reason. Divine Providence brought you together, go make something of it!