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You're A Chef

There are times in the married life when we need to take risks. As men, we don’t like failing. If we can’t do something perfectly the first time, we tend to shy away from trying.

One of the biggest changes this summer for me was taking over the role of household chef. Alison and I eat fairly simply, but some of the recipes can be a challenge. It’s become my goal to have dinner ready when Alison walks in the door.

This is really the first time that I’ve cooked. When I was single, I had about 5 recipes that I cooked, all of which were incredibly simple. Now, I’m moving on to more complex and challenging dinners.

If your wife is responsible for all of the food preparation in your house, you should know that it can be difficult. Having to make dinner every night can get old, especially if she’s not in love with cooking. Taking turns, or even just giving her the night off can be a big deal for her.

The bottom line is that if you can follow directions, you can cook. It’s all about confidence. You literally follow the recipe and after a period of time, the food is ready.

The great thing about taking a night of the week to cook dinner is that it’s an awesome way to love your wife. If you want to make it even more special, let her take a bath while you’re cooking. Have a little snack and drink for her while she’s in the tub. Then, when dinner’s ready, invite her to the table and give her a warm towel to dry off with.

Even better, if your meal requires any time in the oven, you can spend that time getting most of the kitchen clean from your food prep. That means that when dinner is over, you just have to clean the dishes, cups, and serving ware. You did two things for your wife: you cooked AND you cleaned up. That’s being an expert level husband.

This is the genius of being a husband. Love is about more than cost, it’s truly the thought that counts.

So pick a night, start simple, and give your wife the night off.