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You Are What You Eat

The old saying goes, “You are what you eat.”

It’s true.

But I’m not just talking about food.

The movies and TV shows you watch, the songs you listen to on the radio, all of these things added together makes you the man you are. They shape your worldview.

Think about it. We spend how many hours a week in the car listening to the radio. Radio stations play the same songs ad nauseam, especially if they’re hot at the time. The lyrics get stuck in your head and you can’t stop thinking about them.

What are they saying? How does that effect where your thoughts go or your mood?

I’m not saying that you should listen to nothing but Catholic Talk Radio (although SirusXM’s The Catholic Channel is excellent) or Praise and Worship Music all the time, but every once in a while doesn’t hurt.

We all get there. We’re not sure how. It just kind of creeps up on us. We eat a little junk food here and there. One day, BAM! We step on the scale and it’s worse than we thought.

 When you get a bit flabby, it gets you motivated to start working out. You want to get cut.

There isn’t such as easy bellwether for your thoughts.

The next time you’re in the car listening to the radio, listen to the lyrics and see what you’re brain is learning.

Let’s talk TV. The shows you watch, even absentmindedly, have a similar effect. If you’re not watching something wholesome, you’re basically eating junk food.

We don’t have time for that crap.

We’re men. We’ve got hoodrat things to do. Well, maybe not hoodrat, but we’ve only got so many hours in the day. So why would we waste them on garbage?

You are what you eat, what you listen to, what you watch. Time to step your game up.