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Work is Holy

“I work so that I can live.”

That is the mantra for my generation.

We’ve moved to a point where we loathe work. It drains eight precious hours of our day and we can’t wait until the freedom of the weekend!

We’ve forgotten how holy our work is.

You may not be in your dream job, but maybe your current job is getting you where you want to go. You may be in your dream job, but jaded by all of the negative aspects of it.

No matter where you are in your career, you’ve got to remember that what you are doing is a holy act.

By working, you are gaining fruit to support yourself, your family, and the poor around you. Think about it, work is the vehicle to turn your efforts into money, which you can then use to help others. How is that not holy?

But we’ve lost that idea. We don’t cloak our work in prayer, praying for the success of our labors. We don’t pour our heart and passion into it.

Your job is not what defines you, your career is not who you are as a person, but it is a major component. Just like your intellect, your spirituality, your sexuality and your physical being, your work is a component of who you are. All of these aspects come together to shape who you are.

That’s not a bad thing. It is a healthy balance.

Consider today how your work is holy, how what you are doing is blessing those around you. Your job, no matter what it is, is serving someone else. The things you do bring value to people’s lives. If you are a road construction worker, you make roads that are safe for families to drive on. If you are a builder, the buildings you create give shelter. If you are a an accountant, you provide confidence to investors and stakeholders, if you are a salesman, you give new items or programs to people to improve their lives.

Are you seeing now how work is holy? Pray for its success, and labor for the glory of God.