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When Your Wife Supports Your Dream

Dreaming is a wonderful thing. In dreams, you can release the physical limitations of the current world and imagine what it would be like to overcome them. Dreams are a not just an escape, they’re a path to the future. As a married person, your dreams have to apply to two people. If your wife isn’t with you in your dream, then you face an uphill battle.

One of my dreams is this blog. I wanted to share my life’s experience with you in the hopes that I could add value to your life. Most dreams require lots of time and energy. In order for me to keep the Catholic Husband blog going, I have to be disciplined enough to be writing articles daily. Beyond the writing, there is the brainstorming, planning, and editing. I wouldn’t be able to do anything without Alison’s support.

Having your wife on board with your dream and your vision can supercharge your project. You now have the advantage of two different perspectives. You have support. You have doubled your resources. You wife can also be a huge help. For example, Alison recently started sharing article links on her Facebook page. I didn’t ask her to, she just wanted to help expand the message to her network.

Having your wife on board with you will add three distinct benefits to your dream.

  • It will carry you further. If your dream is time consuming and your wife doesn’t support it, you’ll have lots of conflict. She’ll be upset that you aren’t spending time with her or with your family. But if she supports your dream, she’ll be able to give insights and suggestions that will expand your reach and your success.
  • It will give you new ideas. Gender differences are a wonderful thing. Sometimes I’ll have an idea with an article or a product and Alison will have a completely different one. Not only do I now have two options, I’ve found that Alison’s idea will get me thinking even deeper. Most times, her idea had never occurred to me. This is another way in which she supports me.
  • You’ll be protected from delusion. When you have a dream, you tend to get very attached to it. It’s your baby and heaven help us if someone calls your baby ugly. We can pigeon hole ourselves into doing something only one way. Your wife, if she supports your dream, will challenge your goals and process. She’ll challenge you to help you grow and improve. She’ll also be able to tell you when something really isn’t working. She has the depth of relationship with you to tell you the hard truths. She’ll keep you from making a fool of yourself.

If your wife is not supportive of your dream, it may be a sign that you’re working on the wrong one. She can be your greatest asset or your number one enemy. Trust her.