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Welcome to the Beginning

Welcome, friend!

Well, there I am on my wedding day. A spry young man. As a friend would say, “Just a pup.” Ready to set off on the journey of a lifetime.

Just like that fine young couple in the picture, we are about to embark on a journey. Together, we are going to go on a great quest. We are going to seek out what it means to live an authentically Catholic marriage.

My name is Chet. It’s a pleasure to have you!

I’ve been married for just over six months now. It is has been unlike anything that I could have ever expected. The truth is, before I got married, I didn’t know much about what it means to be married. In fact, I still don’t.

The problem is, there isn’t a good source of information out there. There isn’t a good place to go and gain insight into a vocation to the married life. I’m hoping to change that here.

You see, if you ask married people what being married is like, you don’t get a complete answer. How could any one person sum up the Sacrament? How could any one person use language to help you emotionally and intellectually grasp what is means to be married? Yet, it is vitally important that you understand it.

We have a distressing lack of solid Catholic marriages, rooted in faith and love. There are many good marriages, in fact, I bet you can name quite a few right now. Sadly, for every good marriage that you think of, there is probably another that is not experiencing a fruitful time right now. I believe that knowledge can change that.

We need to reshape the narrative on Marriage. Marriage isn't a chore, isn't a prison, and it isn't a job. We need to regain the realization that marriage is a blessing and a gift, and for many of us, the vocation to which we were uniquely created.

From the beginning of time, I was created with my gifts, talents, abilities, and experiences to live in covenant and community with my wife and together to know, love, and serve God.

So begins this journey; this journey of writing. This journey of sharing a story, the story of a Catholic Husband; exploring, learning and failing forward.

Through this blog, I seek to gain a deeper knowledge of what it means to live an authentically Catholic Marriage. I seek to challenge you to reflect more deeply on who you are as a person and on your faith. I seek to to encourage both the married and the single to look more deeply at what Marriage is and means.

This is going to be a conversation. I don’t know a lot about marriage. I’m looking forward to learning and growing with you. I’m glad that you’re here.