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Why You Should Wake Up at 5am

5am is early. As I write this, it’s 5:19am and I’ve been up for 25 minutes. It seems crazy. There really isn’t much of a need for me to be up this early. Or is there?

Getting an early start to your day can be a key to your success. But why should 5am be the time to do it?

  • You probably own 5am. Our schedules can be varied from day-to-day. Because of that variety, it can be difficult to schedule certain activities, like exercise. By getting out of bed at 5am, you can be sure that nothing will interrupt you. If you work on flex time or early, maybe your “5am” is in the evening. The point is, you need time that you can 95% guarantee that you’ll have available for your most precious activities. That way, you’ll know they’ll get done.
  • 5am is guilt-free. At 5am, I hope that your wife and kids are still in bed. This means that you can have this time to yourself without sacrificing time with your family. You can chase your dream, get some excellent prayer time in, play your favorite video game, exercise, whatever! This is guilt-free time.
  • Today is a gift. One of the greatest sins that we can commit is sloth. In fact, oddly enough, sloth made it into the 7 deadly sins. In this instance, sloth is referring to laziness towards spiritual things, like prayer. But if we truly believe that each day is a gift, then sloth might also be referring to laziness with the use of our time. Today is a gift, so get out of bed and use it!

If you change your story, you can change your life. Set that alarm clock a little earlier and get out there and do something great!