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The Fourth Week of Advent is here, and our time of preparation is coming to a close. We’ve spent nearly a month awaiting the arrival of the King, and our waiting is nearly done.

It’s hard to wait, to live in a time of uncertainty. We want clarity and stability in our lives. We want to make plans and to see where we’re going. Time may be a human construct, but it’s God’s prerogative. He acts when it’s prudent, not according to our schedule or convenience.

Many of our friends and neighbors will taste the Christmas joy on Friday, only to see it fade on Saturday. By next week Wednesday, the light that glowed in their hearts will be a mere flicker. Decorations will come down, brightly lit homes will go dark once again. They may have waited for a singular day on a calendar, but we were waiting for the King!

We’ve spent time waiting, and now that our joy will soon be complete, we get to relish it. The Church only begins to celebrate Christmas on Friday, followed by eight days of straight celebration. Christmas continues for 40 days through February 2 and the feast of the Presentation of the Lord.

We have spent time in waiting, and now we celebrate. When you look into the manger on Christmas morning, when you gather at the altar to celebrate Christmas Mass, you’ll know that Christ is truly born, He is among us!