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Do Valentine's Day Right


WARNING! Valentine's Day is in 4 days. WARNING!

As a man, you might be tempted to think that Valentine's Day is all too commercial and certainly beneath you and your wife's relationship. That would make you wrong.

While everyday should be Valentine's Day in your marriage, or at least more than just once a year, I can tell you that your wife will be expecting something this Saturday. That doesn't make her shallow or materialistic, that makes her a woman.

There's nothing wrong with celebrating Valentine's Day. Your wife certainly doesn't want to be inundated on Facebook with pictures of love tokens that her friends received when she's sitting at home with a big fat nothing because you were an oaf.

Not to worry, if you've just realized that you've got nothing, I'm here to help. Here are a few ideas that require no money but lots of sweat equity.

  1. Write her a love letter. I think I've beaten this dead horse enough, but seriously, just sit down and do it.
  2. Clean the house. If your wife takes point on the domestic affairs of your household, Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity for you to turn the tables. Give the house a good cleaning from top to bottom. If you're like me and are responsible for the cleaning of the house, just do it anyway. There's something wonderfully refreshing about a clean house.
  3. Make dinner. This one requires advance planning. Don't just make the mac and cheese that was on the menu. Do it up big! Don't waste your time going out to eat with everyone and their brother. You know what your wife really likes! Plan the meal, buy the food, and make it fresh. Now THAT'S a Valentine's Day!
  4. Draw her a bath. We men like to take as little time as possible when it comes to bathing, which is why showers are perfect for us. Most days, your wife doesn't have time to devote to the luxury of a bath and some downtime. So, wrangle the kids, draw her a nice bath, give her a snack to nibble on and leave her alone!

Valentine's Day is all about giving, not about taking or receiving. So pour yourself completely into pampering her for just one day on February 14th, and then repeat daily.