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How Will You Use Your Fresh Start?

I love this time of year when I and every other writer on the Internet write about goals, resolutions, and fresh starts. It's part meeting a need and part recognizing that the New Year is the biggest time-based turning point in any given year.

My question for you is, how will you use your fresh start?

Too often, we allow ourselves to be [our own biggest obstacles]( We believe some myth that limits our potential. We can't be holy because we're not a priest, we can't get ahead at work because someone is conspiring against us, we can't lose weight because we tried and failed. We hold ourselves back. We let the ghosts of the past limit our future.

January 1st is truly just another day on the calendar, but it's also Day #1. Instead of being limited by your past, or attempting to overreach with a long list of unrealistic resolutions, I invite you to try using focus. Choose two things or areas of your life where you can really dive in and make a huge impact.

What's better: attempting six goals and failing at all of them or focusing on two goals and making lasting impacts?

I believe that the two areas where you can really make a difference are spiritually and physically. If you can get your spiritual life and your physical health both on point, you'll naturally see movement in other areas of your life. Holiness and health combined can improve your marriage, improve your relationships, improve your creativity, improve your career, improve your finances, and improve your intellect.

Instead of chasing too many goals, focus on your spiritual health and physical health and in six months you'll notice how much of an impact those two dynamics have on your entire life.