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Something remarkable happens when you engage in a daily habit of prayer. I’ve written before about attunement, being more aware of God’s presence in your life. When you take the time to make prayer a priority in your life, you experience these moments when you feel as if God is speaking directly to you and to your circumstance. I had that experience at Mass yesterday.

The uncertainty in our politics right now is difficult to endure. For a few hours earlier in the week, it appeared that we may have finally gotten a break in the polarization that has turned us against our neighbors and left us vulnerable to our geopolitical enemies. In that short window of time, it seemed that we were ready to collectively bury the hatchet and come together to constructively solve the problem confronting our Nation. It was like the post-9/11 era in which we were One America.

Yet, human nature soon took control, and the political leaders squandered the moment. They should have employed the leadership of statesmen, but instead chose to wield the bludgeon of politics. The chaos continues.

The readings at yesterday’s Mass were set decades ago. Despite this, our God, who exists outside of time, delivered His prescient message to us,

The Lord will bless his people with peace.

Jesus was born into a nation in captivity. There were those among the tribes of Israel who sought to violently overthrow the Roman occupation. There were others who believed that the Messiah was coming to liberate Israel and establish a new Davidic Kingdom. They thought that Jesus was coming to deliver a political solution. They were thinking small.

Jesus was born in a cave, fled to Egypt to avoid the wrath of Herod, and ended up condemned and executed by the State. Jesus is not a political savior. Jesus is the savior of humankind.