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Twenty Nineteen

In years past, I would take this opportunity to recap my year prior and lay out my plan for the new year. It’s a great time to take stock of your life and consider where you are and where you’d like to be. This year, things are different.

I’ve been working on building up my own self-awareness and, over the past several months, I’ve realized just how far I’ve slipped. Pretty much the past four years have been on a downward trend as my energies have gone towards caring for my children instead of caring for myself. This state of chaos that we all experience is a very real one, and it needs serious consideration.

My children need my help, but they also need me to help myself. They need me to be clean, clear, present, and prepared to engage in adventures as they explore their world. If I’m chronically behind on cleaning, unkempt, and low on energy, it’s a disservice to them.

This year is going to be a change year for me. I’m going to be hyper focused on improving my own physical, emotional, and mental health so that I can be better equipped to run around with three kids for twelve hours each that. That’ll require the discipline to stay on top of my housework, to reduce my digital dependance throughout the day, and a commitment to exercise and better eating.

These aren’t resolutions, these are revolutions. I’m changing my relationship with food and with myself, and in doing so, I’ll be ready to accept every invitation to build LEGOs or have a tea party.