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Try A Different Mass

We all have personal preferences. Our personality usually shows forth when we choose to act on those preferences. For example, when it comes to loading the dishwasher, I have a very specific way that I like to have things organized. It's partly because I like order and partly because I’m incredibly inefficient when I don’t load as I normally do. Our personal preferences even show forth at Mass. Each Mass has its own culture, so if you don't like the atmosphere at your Mass, try a different one.

Some Masses are more orderly, some are more relaxed, and others are more contemplative. When you struggle with a Mass culture or the general atmosphere, it doesn't mean you need to change Parishes, maybe you just need to change Mass times.

For whatever reason, the time of Mass brings a different crowd of people. This is never more clear than at the earliest Mass on Sunday morning. You're more likely to see men in suits and it'll probably be among the more quiet of Mass experiences that you've had. A noon-time Mass will be flooded with families and there tends to be a lot of socializing. If you've done all that you're willing to do in terms of changing your regular Mass time, you can certainly try a different parish. Communities and community standards vary, and so you might find what you're looking for the next town over.

Mass, and your parish community, should feel like home. There's likely a Mass that fits your experience and personal preferences for culture and dress code. Find that Mass and remove these distractions so you can focus on why you're really there.