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Trusting God

You really can’t go wrong placing your trust in God. Still, it’s one of the hardest things we can do as people. Trusting in God means letting go of control and we really like control.

The times when I find my trust in God to be weakest tends to be around major life choices. There is almost an element of superstition. I will take steps that I think will get me to where I want to be, but then I’m superstitious about inaction. If I don’t do this thing, then I won’t get what I want. I trust God right up to the point where I don’t trust Him. I have to participate in His Will in order for things to happen, meaning that my actions are His instruments. It makes trust almost a mental exercise. It’s all about my attitude.

When I have the attitude that God is in control and will take care of things, I get peace. When I don’t, I get stress.

We have to find the balance between trusting and cooperating. God isn’t going to appear and give me a promotion at work, but my hard work in concert with prayer might. God isn’t going to show up and pay off my credit cards, but my planning and sacrifice with prayer might.

This is a path to holiness because it’s full of patience. We don’t always know what we need or we might ask for something that’s actually quite harmful to us. If the answer to our prayer is to “wait” or is “no,” God might be inviting us to grow in other virtues.

That also makes this path full of temptation. The Devil’s great sin was that of pride and boy can we be prideful when we’re asking God for favors. We lose the trust/cooperate balance when we stop praying. The moment that we think we can go it without Him is the moment we succumb to pride.

We must be humble in approaching the Throne of God and remember our place in the relationship. He is the parent, we are the child. We want to live in harmony with our parents and we want them to grant our wishes, but we also need to remember that they always have our best interests at heart.