Catholic Husband

Love / Lead / Serve


It’s amazing what spouses can do when they work together. Alison and I are fast approaching our eight year anniversary. While we’re still in early innings, it’s terribly sad how many marriages never make it to this point.
It’s been a busy eight years. We’ve welcomed home our fourth child into our third home. We’ve fought through illnesses, hospitalizations, job changes, certification exams, parenting, travel, and so much more. With each obstacle, with each challenge, we’ve faced it together. It’s our family, our home, our money, our budget, our everything. There’s never a question; it’s us.

We’ve also managed to hit goals that we set for ourselves a full decade ago. Keeping focus, inspiration, and determination over that period of time is no easy task; it is easier when you do it together.

Therein lies the true beauty of marriage. Not perfection, perseverance. Not selfishness, unity. Not emotion, total surrender. Together we can, and we will, do anything.