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Things Will Never Make You Happy

When there's something that I want to buy, I tend to develop a laser-like focus on achieving that goal. I'll work to find any way I can to be able to get that thing. This most often happens with technology. All of this focus builds suspense and excitement, which quickly dissipates just a few days after I make the purchase. The suspense and excitement are gone, and I just move on.

You're probably a lot like me. We like stuff and honestly, there's nothing wrong with that. Stuff is fun, it can allow you to do new things, and mostly, it's cool. It's only when we let stuff take up too much space in our lives that we get into trouble.

In the end, stuff is empty. It can't meet your emotional needs and it won't bring stability into your life. You need to invest in your wife, in your family, and in your faith. You need to be more focused and excited about your vocation, about spending time with your family, and about doing things together.

The excitement of whatever that thing inevitably comes to an end and then you just have stuff, in a closet somewhere gathering dust because it's out of date. That's the beauty of focusing on those whom you love. They'll never be out of date, boring, or empty. Like a perennial flower, they'll just keep blooming, year after year.