Catholic Husband

Love / Lead / Serve


This is a big year for me. My son is starting school in the fall, my middle child is coming into her own, and my baby is getting ready to stand up on two feet and never stop moving. The lifestyle that we’ve developed, that of loose structure, is about to take on a whole new level of complication.

When we started the new year, I thought about what I could do to unify our vision for the year ahead. What principles could we embrace that would help guide us through this transition period and inform our next actions? I settled on “Adventure Awaits” and “Everybody Helps.”

It’s easy to fall into ruts. In the summer months when days are hot or on cold winter afternoons, it’s easier for me to keep everyone in the house than strike out into the world. Even on nice days, the thought of loading three kids into car seats is enough to keep me inside. But there are plenty of adventures out there waiting for us. I’ve scheduled time for us to go to the park each day, and we’re doing a good job of exploring new ones. To the kids, it’s a whole new adventure, and I have to remind myself of that.

I prefer a tidy house, but keeping it that way is a challenge. Kids grow and develop so fast that they often are capable of much more than I think. Obviously the toy situation is the big problem, and to my surprise, they’re fully able to work together to get the playroom completely cleaned up and toys put away. The closet may be stuffed, but hey, if the door closes I can’t see them, that’s good enough for me.

I enjoy having these themes, because they benefit us all. I’m reminded to keep us on the go and to trust the kids with more responsibilities around the house, and they’re challenged to do new things, almost daily. An added benefit, our average daily screen time is below 60 minutes. Win-win.