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The Club

We emerged from the Christmas Season a few months ago. This Christmas was my wife and I’s first Christmas together. However, now that I am married, it was different in another way. I learned that the Christmas Season is also engagement season.

Should this come as a surprise to me? Perhaps not. After all, I did propose to my wife in the Christmas Season, though it was not planned around that particular season. I simply couldn’t wait any longer.

Guys, if you’re engaged, then you know what I am going to talk about. If you aren’t, you will. For the ladies who aren't following, there is a club into which all men are inducted. They are inducted the second you say "Yes."

When you are a guy who is newly engaged, any woman that you tell is instantly excited for you and giggly. Whenever you tell a married man, they usually give you the Club response, “Don’t do it.” Many men told me that, including two different UPS drivers. One of my bosses one evening instructed my team and I, “Don’t get married and have kids.” He was joking; mostly. This Club is a universal. It turned out to actually be a great experience to hear that sage wisdom. In fact, it helped inspire me to start this blog.

What it did was actually to prepare me for marriage. It helped me to understand that my marriage would come under attack from two foes: foreign and domestic. Your marriage will come under attack from within it and from outside of it. The outside attacks will be sometimes easy to notice and sometimes, quite difficult. The domestic threats will come from decisions that you make.

The point is, being in The Club isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Club members often give you lousy advice and usually they don’t even know you or your beloved that well. Stick with what you know, trust, and pray and you’ll be just fine.