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Take Vacation

I want to begin this post by noting that I’m on vacation all this week. There will, of course, be new posts and some social media updates, but I won’t be writing and I won’t be actively working on any projects. It’s been a busy, and very successful 2014 thanks to both you and Alison. We’ve made huge progress on the Catholic Husband blog, published two books, and launched a podcast.

I’m taking this vacation for one simple reason: we need rest.

I’ve always been confused by people who don’t take all of their paid vacation. In fact, I’ve had people brag to me about how they haven’t taken vacations in extended periods of time. That’s not only very sad, it’s extremely unhealthy. Not only do you need rest, your family needs rest!

Paid vacation is a part of your compensation package at work, meaning that instead of paying you more to do your job, they’re giving you the chance to not work for a few days a year and still get paid as if you had. Your company needs you to use those days because you’ll be a better employee. Burnout and loss of productivity are extremely expensive to companies and you’re far too valuable to not be able to give your full effort.

Heck, even God took a vacation from creating the universe.

Vacation, even a vacation at home, is freeing and fun. You can do whatever you want, you can spend time with your family, you can even take a day trip. This space gives your mind time to relax and recharge. Vacation days help to restore your creative energies. Use your vacation to try something new or to work on a hobby.

I haven’t intentionally taken a week off since this summer, and I was only off then because of the move. I need to be more intentional about taking vacations, even if that just means that instead of writing while Benedict is napping, I might nap myself, read, or play a game.

When I planned out my 2015 calendar, I gave myself 3 weeks off. Yet, even though I won’t do any work during those 21 days, I know that I’ll deliver better content, products, and ideas on days when I am working because I gave my mind time to recharge.