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Take Permission to Pray

I’m a recovering productivity addict. I used to love optimizing everything. I’d find the best apps, the fastest way to get a job done, and I’d proceed with vigor. Every minute had to be scheduled, every task planned out, and every execution flawless. This way of life was taxing on me. A few weeks ago I shared how I struggled to find time to pray in my daily schedule. Perhaps you face the same challenge. I think I’ve figured out how to bring it all together.

Take permission. Prayer is a fluid time. I think it works best when we’re free to follow these sacred minutes wherever they lead. Sometimes they’ll start in the Bible, in conversation, or even Grant Us Peace. From there, who knows where they’ll end up. It’s when the schedule crushes me that prayer feels forced. Timekeeping turns prayer into a grind instead of grace.

I know that when I give the first minutes or hour of my day to prayer, my whole day goes better. I’m more calm, centered, and energized. When I’m disciplined enough to wake up on time and start my day with prayer, I set myself up for success.

When I gave up on life hacking, something powerful happened. I allowed myself an hour to get going and enter into prayer, and my life fell back into alignment. My process is simple. I come downstairs, get a glass of water, turn on nature sounds, and set a timer for 25 minutes. What happens next is up to the Spirit.

If you’re struggling to find time to pray, take permission to make room in your schedule. Block out 15 minutes or an hour and keep your day at bay. Be okay with not checking things off of your to-do list or getting about the business of the day. Let the time be a gift you give to yourself and the first fruits that you offer back to the Giver.