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Last month I achieved a major milestone for both myself personally and for Catholic Husband. We released our first book, The Transition. I was both overwhelmed and touched with the response! One of the commenters, a veteran of the married life, commented on his first experiences of reading Catholic Husband. He remarked that initially he wondered what he could learn from me, a kid new to the game. It wasn’t meant in a disparaging way, he was just stating a fact. A fact that I fully agree with.

I’ve been married for just a year and a half now. I know very little about what it means to live an authentic Catholic marriage. I know very little about the struggles and joys that await Alison and I as we spend our lives together. I know very little about working through some very complex marital problems that all married couples face.

When I first considered launching Catholic Husband, my lack of experience was a major barrier that I had to overcome. How could I justify adding value to the lives of men who’ve been married 5, 10 or even 20 years?

In that potential weakness, I found strength. I found my focus.

Catholic Husband isn’t meant to be a textbook. It isn’t designed as a self-help book. It wasn’t conceived as a solution to your problems.

Catholic Husband was created to be a discussion. It was created to share my daily lived experience and how we can learn from it. It was designed to encourage. I hope that my experiences and my shortcomings inspire you. I hope they inspire you to keep on sharing the good news of the married life. I hope they inspire you to love you life better than you did yesterday. I hope they inspire you to keep growing in your faith.

So where does my subject matter expertise come from? My experience.

There are no “marriage experts.” There are those who have done a good job in the married life sharing their strategies to success. I don’t pretend to be at that level. But I do believe that we need to be talking about the great life that is the married life. I believe we need to counter the misconceptions about marriage. I believe we need to promote healthy, stable, faithful marriages.

Catholic Husband is designed to do just that.