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Spring Water

Growing up, I’d drink nothing but milk. Now, for lunch that can’t possibly be true, but I have a distinct memory from childhood of drinking tons of milk. My dad was as big water drinker. He had his own, private supply of water in a Brita filter in the refrigerator that the kids weren’t allowed to us. Naturally, I’ve adopted the same idiosyncrasy in my fatherhood.

A few years ago, I turned to an almost exclusive water drinker. Interestingly, its taste can vary widely from town to town; from bottle to bottle. All water systems in the United States conform to government rules for safe drinking standards, but the chemical composition of water can cause slight changes in taste. Some water is delicious right out of the tap, and some water takes getting used to.

Earlier this year, we took a ski trip to rural northern Michigan. Even now, months later, I can still remember just how good that water tasted! It was so cool, clear, clean, crisp, and fresh. It was like I had taken a straw and drank straight from the lake. Not only that, but it was almost enough to make me want to move to that town and stay forever.

Jesus used water many times in his ministry, and for good reason. Water is life; water feeds the crops and feeds the body. When you think about the best glass of water you’ve ever had, it’s analogous to the refreshing nature of God’s love. A cool, clear, clean, crisp, and fresh relief for a tired and weary soul.