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Spring Cleaning

Some people don’t like spring cleaning. The thought of spending your entire weekend working is not very appealing.

What if you saw it in a different light? What if you saw it as the perfect opportunity for you and your wife to spend quality time together.

My wife and I had two reasons for spring cleaning this year. First, we got a garage at our apartment and so we were able to move a lot of stuff out of our apartment and into our garage. Second, we needed to make room for our baby.

I got back into town (I was away for a week on business) and we got right to work on Saturday morning. We moved this, packed that, pitched this and reorganized that. It was exhausting, but it equated to so many hours of quality time together.

It wasn’t us in front of the TV, or us both on our computers in the same room. It was us working together, communicating, interacting with each other. What a bonding experience!

There are many things in our lives that are like spring cleaning. We see them for their negative attributes instead of seeing them as opportunities. A day working in the yard, going grocery shopping, cleaning up your home; these are all opportunities for you to spend time alone with your wife.

You aren’t quiet during these times! You may have music on, but you talk and learn about each other. You show your love through tiny acts of service like getting her a drink of water or her handing you a tool. You connect. You are working together to make your home a better place to live.

Stop seeing work as a negative. Find a way to work with your wife on a project and enjoy the common good.