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Share Your Best Work

Sharing your work is a frightening thought. As I write many of these posts, thoughts creep up in my mind about how they will be received. Is this the best thing that I’ve ever written, or the worst? Will that post cause controversy? This is the essential dilemma that we face every day: can I be who I truly am, and will I be accepted for it?

Many of us will choose to do work outside the normal course of our career. It may be a total departure from the person who people perceive you to be. I found myself in that very position when I started writing. I spent my days working for a non-profit, and my early mornings writing at my desk. When I finished my first book, I was rather sheepish about it. I still am. Those same fears that I face when I sit down at my desk with my keyboard have been with me every time I’ve written something new over the past ten years.

Many years ago, I read the book
Show Your Work by Auston Kleon. In it, I found a tremendous amount of inspiration and courage. I had the courage to write what I really wanted to write about and to be more transparent about my life. I summoned the courage to write on a broader scope of topics and to wade into issues of controversy. Not only that, but I had that experience because it’s whom I wanted to really be as a writer all along, but I didn’t believe in myself.

The truth of the matter is that you are your worst critic; it’s a double-edged sword. On the one hand, your critiques push you to work when you feel uninspired, and to chisel down your ideas, leaving only your very best. On the other, it can paralyze you. Fear can quickly overtake even the strongest in moments of weakness, leaving your work and your art all alone, with no one to enjoy it.

I’ve found that the best way to share my work is to create a lot of it, and then carefully pick out on the best. My mind is constantly in motion throughout the day as ideas come and go, but only the best stick, and only the best end up published. Each time I upload a new post, I feel a small sense of accomplishment; more art and beauty enters the world.

The internet is a wonderful thing, bringing down barriers to the marketplace. You have a talent, skill, or art that you need to share. Have the courage to show it to the world.