Catholic Husband

Love / Lead / Serve

You're the Servant of All

The Pope has many titles. Perhaps most intriguing is “Servant of the Servants of God."

This Papal title is especially perplexing because we tend to think of the Pope as a very powerful man. He’s someone who inspires us and draws us closer to God. He ends conflict and brings peace and harmony into the world. He rubs shoulders with dictators and diplomats. Why would he have such a lowly title?

Answer: he's the exemplar of servant leadership. He leads, yes, but he doesn’t succumb to power. His humility keeps his authority in check.

As husbands, we should fill a similar role in our homes.

Of course, we’re the head of our household. But that title or position should be more like the Abbot of a monastery than a tyrant. We’re charged with promoting peace, the care of the defenseless, and the protection of the family.

One of the ways we can be the servant of our family is to do tasks that others might not prefer to do. No one likes calling utility companies, but we can. We can lift that burden from our wife. No one wants to kill a spider or pick up a dead mouse. But we can.

By serving our families well, we show our love. We show our respect for members of our family. We practice true servant leadership.

We’re tasked to lead. Will we be tyrants or Abbots?