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Where Do You Send Your Thoughts?

In a widely circulated Matthew Kelley talk, Matthew made the point that where you send your thoughts, your actions will follow. His point was that if you spend your time contemplating the things of God, your life will improve; if you spend your time contemplating sinful things, you will stay trapped in sin.

We have plenty of mentally idle time during our days: making coffee, doing the dishes, in the shower, mowing the lawn, and even watching TV. In these moments, what are you thinking about?

Higher level thinking about virtue, philosophy, and theology can be mentally exhausting. When you're mentally idle and not thinking of these higher things, you can still be directing your thoughts in the way that you'd like to move. You could think of ways to bring comfort to your wife, how you can better serve your family, and dream about reaching your goals and achieving a better quality of life. Perhaps you could even pray.

Your mind is incredibly powerful. Harnessing that power for good and positivity will lead you to a better place in your life, for both you and your family.