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The Secret of Service

When you reach a certain level in a company, one of the perks that you may be given is an administrative assistant. The job of your admin is to take things off your plate that, while they may be important, don't necessarily need to be done by you. If you're running a division of a company, do you really need to be spending your time playing phone tag with a client?

Admin assistants are extremely valuable because they can do routine tasks so you don't have to. Hopefully admins have a high level of job satisfaction because they know that while they're doing your lower-level to dos, they've freed your time up to do really impactful things that will help a lot of people.

Depending on your company, an admin might have a wide range of flexibility in terms of the tasks that they're allowed to complete on company time. For example, it may be permissible for them to run out and buy something that you need or pick up your dry cleaning. Again, their whole job is to take pressure off your schedule so that you can do work that really matters.

Many of us dream of having an admin. So many things come up during the day at work that we wish we could have someone else complete. We'd love to not have to call that company that we know has a disastrous phone tree, we'd love to not have to pick up our dry cleaning and we'd love to have things in place right when we need them.

There’s good news. While you may not have an administrative assistant at work, you can be one at home. One of the best ways that we can spend our time is in service to our wives. A perfect way to do that, and one that you might be doing already, is by being her administrative assistant.

There are a great many things that need to get done in your household: car maintenance, bill paying, customer service calls, taxes, cleaning, and more. These are each opportunities to take that task (and sometimes frustration!) off of your wife's plate so she can be freed up to do other more important things. For example, while you're getting the oil changed, she could be taking care of the kids. While you're on hold with the cable company, she could be enjoying getting lost in a book.

We all love the idea of what an administrative assistant does, so why not give that gift to your wife? You could go further with this concept and inject a few things into your evening routine to make her life better. You could tidy up the house or lay out her PJs. In the morning, you could have coffee ready for her as she wakes up or make her lunch before she has the chance.

The most fun that you'll have as a husband is serving your wife. Take on the mindset of an administrative assistant and figure out ways that you can blow her mind with service.