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Scheduling Together

The most powerful tool in your marriage is your calendar. Your calendar will always show you what you think is actually important.

I keep a variety of digital calendars. I have one for personal events, one that Alison and I share, and one for my company. All of these calendars stake out time in my day for various activities. I have writing time, exercise time, and even family time blocked out. By using a calendar, I can “budget” my time. I have 16 hours awake during the day, how will I spend them?

The reason why calendars are so powerful in your marriage and family is that they help everyone get done what they need to get done. They allow you to know when family time is and when you have personal time. Everyone gets on the same page so you can all work together on the family’s objectives for the week.

Knowing what your wife is up to can be powerful in it’s own way. By knowing when your wife will be done working, you can plan a nice surprise. You can have dinner ready, or maybe even show up at lunch and eat with her. You’ll also know when she’s got a long day ahead of her so you can be sure to offer some extra encouragement.

Having a weekly time for planning your joint calendars together is a fantastic way to make sure everything gets time reserved. You can plan game night, date night, and any other together time that you want to share in the week ahead. This is also a great time to menu plan.

Marriage is all about communication. The more you communicate, the more your marriage will grow. By sitting down and planning your week together, you and your wife can communicate your priorities and dreams for the week.