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Safe in Her Arms

Many of us have some major trust issues. We've all been hurt deeply by someone we love. Those experiences can be traumatizing to us at the time. They can also have lasting effects on our future relationships.

During my last year of high school, I became very sick. I was constantly missing class and the medications that I was on left me dazed and confused. Over the last several weeks of school, my friends drifted away and I lost most of my relationships. As an 18 year old getting ready to leave the nest for the first time, it was difficult to handle. I eventually adjusted quite well, and the whole experience led me to study Philosophy in college. However, years later, I found that I was behaving defensively towards people who had done nothing to offend my trust-in large part because of those bad past experiences.

The great thing about marriage is that it is lasting. It is a permanent commitment, a life-long bond. With that level of commitment, you are able to enjoy great trust with your wife. There will be times that she will hurt you, and you will hurt her, too. The great thing is that those small hurts will be resolved through contrition and the bond you share.

There is no shame in marriage. Your wife sees you for who you truly are… and loves you still! It is a glimpse into the love of the Divine, a love that you confer on each other in the marital embrace.

The law even assures this deep trust between spouses. There is a recognized legal term called "Spousal Privilege" which, in most cases, prevents one spouse from being compelled to testify against another.

This trust is deep, it is pure, and it is awe-inspiring. It is one of the many benefits of marriage.

Lay down your hurts, lay down your suspicions. She loves you, she wants what's best for you, and you want the same for her.