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Risk Management

There is a term in insurance called “risk management.”

Risk management essentially acknowledges that with a given activity, they are inherent possibilities that might lead to an undesirable outcome, but we put in place procedures that lower the risk to its lowest possible level.

That is a lot a of words.

I’ve posted several times about risk management in your marital relationship. From not traveling alone with female coworkers to avoiding the dangers of the internet.

It’s an essential thing for us, as men of honor and integrity, to not give the Devil a chance to work in our lives.

As I write this post, I am on the desktop computer in our living room. I can see my wife cooking in the kitchen (and boy does it smell good!) and the desk is located right next to the TV.

Having the computer in the living room is a risk management technique. We have lowered the risk that the computer could become a weapon against us.

It is also a sound parenting strategy. By having the computer (and laptops, and phones, and iPads) only for use in common spaces, we can keep each other accountable and protect ourselves from opportunities to make bad choices.

Look at your life, see the risks, and manage them.