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Ring Control Device

I drive a lot for work. Last year, I put 35,000 miles on my car. As a Christmas gift, my parents gave me a subscription to Sirius XM. One of the channels I listen to, if there is no good music on, is the clean comedy channel.

The comedy is pretty good. It is amazing that we start to think that if there is no profanity, a comedian isn’t funny or that somehow vulgarity increases the humor level. (P.S. It doesn’t.)

One day as I was listening, the comedian described his wedding ring as a “ring control device.” In the sketch, he seemed to indicate that it was his belief that women instituted the practice of a wedding ring to maintain control over men. He countered that it was okay if only you thought about doing something, but didn’t actually follow through.

There are issues with that fallacy that I won’t address in this post.

I want to address the wedding ring.

At a wedding, the spouses exchange the rings as a token of their love and affection. To consider it a ring control device would be a grave error on your part. The ring has no beginning and no end. The ring is a constant, visible, tangible reminder of your marriage covenant. It is a constant reminder of your spouse’s love for you.

If you need a ring to control your behavior, you are not ready to get married. Marriage isn’t a prison. It is a perpetual self-gift.