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Last week kicked off Spring. Not many of us are feeling the usual cheerfulness and refreshment that this change of season brings. Instead, we find ourselves trapped in our homes, separated from the Sacraments, and coming to terms with the fragility of our world.

Bishop Robert Barron, in a short talk posted online about the current pandemic, offered his thoughts on how Catholics should approach this time. Spiritually, we’re at great risk. At a time when most of us spend more time in Churches, and more frequently receive the Sacraments, we find our parishes closed and all gatherings canceled. If we’re not careful, it’ll be all to easy to lose touch with the importance of the daily practice of our faith.

Bishop Barron, however, expressed an optimism about our current state of affairs. His optimism holds that God will do something wonderful in this time. It’s a crisis through which He will bring a purpose. He is not the cause of the pandemic, but in His infinite wisdom, He can find ways to work through it to bring about a greater good.

From my perspective, I see great creativity in the business community. Staid, rigid companies are thinking outside of the box to continue to serve their customers. I see some of that same creativity in the Church. It was only through this crisis that I discovered the wonderful resources on YouTube, to include live-streamed Eucharistic Adoration and pre-recorded celebrations of the Mass.

Getting my three little ones to daily Mass, without backup, in the best of times is a challenge. But getting everyone together to pray as a family and celebrate the Mass at home is a very doable daily objective. I did not even consider that possibility before the quarantine. The same is true for Adoration. I’ve taken my kids a handful of times to our parish’s monthly Adoration. Yet, when we pray together at home, it’s amazing to watch all three little ones settle down in the presence of our Eucharistic Lord.

Just because we’re stuck at home doesn’t mean that we have to be prisoners of our situation. God is reaching out to us in new and unique ways, inviting us to draw closer into His Sacred Heart. He knows the pain, anxiety, and suffering that we’re enduring in this period of uncertainty. He’s inviting us to come to know once again the peace that only He can offer.

I’m spending my days getting caught up on projects around the house that I’ve been neglecting. I spent the weekend deep cleaning our cars, and today sorting and storing kids clothing. Later this week, I’ll head outside to weed the garden, put down fertilizer, and open the yard for summer. In the midst of this time in which I have no commitments and no where to be, I’m finding plenty of opportunity to enjoy this Spiritual Spring.