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Relentless Positive Action

While I was living in Michigan, I was particularly impressed with the Governor's mantra, "Relentless positive action." When he was elected into office, the State was experiencing a very tough downturn and Gov. Snyder seemed to not let any problem get in his way. He wanted to get the State back on track and improve the lives of its citizens. This mantra, combined with a dose of courage, helped him make some pretty remarkable political moves. I really liked the idea of relentless positive action because it demands that we always move forward, no matter how big the challenges are.

In our work lives we face daily struggles. There are challenges to overcome, deadlines to meet, goals to achieve, and difficult people to work with. Monday through Friday, we can expect roadblocks and setbacks on a daily basis, any number of which could prove fatal if we succumb to a defeatist attitude. Yet, if we adopt the idea of relentless positive action, we're able to adapt to a changing landscape, find an opening, and punch through any challenge.

It's not just our work life that presents a possible challenge. Many of us have hobbies or passion projects. It may be woodworking, playing a musical instrument, crafting, painting, building, writing, or anything else that we have a talent for. It's likely that there are many professionals working in your space and there's intense competition if you’re trying to generate revenue from your talent. Still competition can make it easy for us to become disheartened and give up, regarding ourselves as nothing more than amateurs. People will tell you that you aren't any good, to not quit your day job, in an attempt to dissuade you from continuing. However, with relentless positive action, you recognize that while you may not be good today, you'll be better tomorrow and the day after and the day after that. Your skill will improve over time and you'll be able to run with the best of them.

Resistance and challenges are inevitable when you're out there getting it done. When you adopt a mindset of achieving relentless positive action, you can overcome any obstacle, challenge, or roadblock that gets in your way. As you move forward with intensity and determination, you'll win both at work and in your personal life.