Catholic Husband

Love / Lead / Serve


My wedding day is a happy part of my memory. I vividly replay all of the scenes, all of the emotions, all of the senses in my mind. It was a day of joy.

Today, Easter Monday, we celebrate that same kind of joy. We're no longer slaves, doomed to die. Instead, we'll live forever with God. Easter Monday marks this transition moment when the old order gives way to the new. Jesus walks; Christ reigns!

This joy is central to our walk. It's the fuel that leads us on the path of truth. It conquers struggles, resists temptation, and never gives up.

There's joy at any time in our lives that we resolve to change for the better. Conversion and joy go hand-in-hand. But, as we embrace joy, we must prepare for the coming challenges.

Today, rejoice in your identity as a son of God and a husband called to holiness. Praise God for the gift of marriage and its essential role in His Divine Plan! Live as a man in the light.