Catholic Husband

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The day of my wedding will live forever in my memory. It was a magnificent day. I can so vividly replay all of the scenes, all of the emotions, all of the senses. It was a day of joy.

Today, Easter Monday, we celebrate that same level of joy. We are not slaves. We are not doomed to die. We are destined to live forever. We are like prison inmates on the day of our release.

As we celebrate, we must harness this joy. We must let this joy lead us on the path of truth. We must also acknowledge that we will soon be challenged.

At any time in our lives that we resolve to change our lives for the better, there is joy. We must, at the same time, prepare ourselves for the test that is coming. Our resolve will be challenged.

Today, let us rejoice in our identity and lives as married men. Let us praise God for the gift of Marriage in His Divine Plan! Let us resolve to live as men in the light.