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Jolting moments happen in a man’s life that inevitably lead to a health kick. An engagement and the birth of a child are two of the big ones. The main difficultly is translating that momentum and turning a kick into a lifestyle. We have enough time each day to include an exercise regimen on our schedule, but doing it consistently over time proves to be the real challenge.

There are plenty of outside factors that can derail a healthy lifestyle. Injury, sickness, schedule, and even careers put up major roadblocks, but we truly must live a healthy lifestyle if we want to be ready to play and explore with our kids.

I’m coming out of a rut, many months devoid of meaningful progress. It’s a cycle that I’ve experienced for at least nine years, and one that I’m trying to break. I prefer not to have good years and bad years, I want great years. I want years when I have the energy and clarity of mind to take care of my kids, my household, and still have enough gas in the tank to play.

At this moment, I appreciate that positive changes now will need less effort in the future. The longer that I maintain a healthy weight, the more productive years that I’ll have to share with Alison and my kids. It’s a daily investment of time and energy to reap almost guaranteed dividends.

None of this is new, even on this blog. It’s just a reminder that hard work today will benefit me tomorrow.