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Recognize Her Value

The other day I was looking at my iPhone. As I looked at the many apps that have earned a spot on my home screen, I realized how much they have changed the way I live my life daily. It’s not that I’d be lost without my phone, but my life would be different. I wouldn’t be as efficient or as motivated.

Having a wife does the same thing.

Your wife brings tremendous value to your life. Not in a utilitarian way, but in a practical way.

  • She’s a confidant. Your wife is one of the few people in your life that you can truly be safe with. In fact, her role as your confidant is so strong, that in most cases, US law protects your conversations. It can be hard knowing who to trust today. It’s nice knowing that she’s there for you.
  • She’s a sounding board. From difficult career decisions, to the daily management of your world, your wife is the perfect sounding board for all of your new ideas. She can help you ignore the bad ones, engage the good ones, and run with the great ones!
  • She’s constant. Marriage is forever. She’s not going anywhere.
  • She brings joy to your life. As you get to experience the world and life together, your wife is a great source of joy for you. You get to celebrate accomplishments together, and perhaps even create a new life together. Now that’s joy!
  • She helps run your household. Running a house on your own is a ton of work. There is cooking, cleaning, laundry and shopping to be done and it takes planning, determination and teamwork to pull it off. Being a bachelor was great, but having someone to share the load with is even better.

Hopefully you find yourself filling the same value in her life!

The most important thing to recognize is that we can’t take our wives for granted. We can’t let the great experience of her bringing value to our lives just wash over us.

Cherish her… and show it!