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Read A Book

When you think about your overall health, or even your performance as a stay-at-home dad, I want you to think in terms of balance. Like a body builder who ensures that his routine doesn't neglect any major group of muscles, take the time to work on each major aspect of your life. That’s what this chapter is all about. Your intellectual growth is just as important as your spiritual or physical health. Reading before bedtime can also be a great sleep aid. On nights when I read immediately before laying down, I will typically fall asleep in minutes.

Many of us haven’t read a single book since our formal schooling ended. That’s a huge mistake. Libraries, bookstores, and online retailers are filled with titles on any number of subjects. The rise of tools for independent publishers has allowed even more minds and ideas to share their stories and manuscripts with the world.

Books can be entertaining. Reading fiction is an important part of a reader’s diet. It allows for the willing suspension of disbelief and for the mind to be at rest. Fiction doesn’t require the brain to do much heavy lifting. Rest is an important component of a healthy life, and a healthy brain.

I never walk away from a book without at least one thing that I can do to change or improve some aspect of my life. In order to be a well-rounded dad, you need to read. Find books and authors that write on subjects that you’re interested in. Read one or two books on parenting each year. Read one or two books on relationships or personal finance every year. Books are the cheapest education available in the market today.