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Random Acts of Service

Last Fall, Alison was on call one night at the hospital here in town. The proximity to our house to the hospital makes things both very convenient and painfully inconvenient. Benedict and I had the car and we planned on taking dinner to Alison shortly after her shift started. As I began to put the dinner together, I felt the urge to do something really nice. Instead of just a main course, I wanted to make her a full dinner. So I grilled up some burgers, packed up condiments, chips, dessert, and a mint. It was a small, random gesture, but one that brought her comfort on her long overnight shift.

I think that we should spend more time observing and noting all of the times that we serve our wives. The smallest and most insignificant acts all add up to something really big. Like St. Therese's "little way," we too are building strong marriages and loving homes when we perform these random acts. Part of it is recognizing that we're doing these acts, and the other part is recognizing them as holy.

Random acts change the script in your wife's head. They're unexpected. She walks into the bedroom to see the bed turned down and her pajama's laid out. She comes home from running errands to find the house meticulously clean and the children playing outside. We all have assumptions and expectations about our days. Learn hers and disrupt them.

If you struggle to remember to perform these little acts of service, schedule them. It may not be a surprise to you, but it still will be to her. This is a great habit to make sure that on a regular basis you're taking that extra step to strengthen and nurture your marriage.

We're servant leaders and by performing random acts of service we can remain grounded, grow in holiness, and demonstrated our love and fidelity. While it can be hard to imagine that such a small act could make such a big impact, simply experience for yourself and you'll see that the proof is in the pudding. Or in this case, ice cream.