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Priorities Matter

Our lives are full of priorities. Some things are simply more important than others. Making the right choices can drastically improve your quality of life.

We’re constantly prioritizing things. When we have a limited amount of time, we’ve got to do the most important things first. Of course, priorities can change as they need to.

When you’re scheduling your time or planning anything, there’s one question that you need to ask.

Are my choices adding value to my life and to that of my family?

It’s easy to become self-centered, especially with our time. But if we prioritize our days considering only our needs, we’re doing it wrong. Our prioritization demands that we weigh the needs of everyone in our lives. That way, we don’t spend our time in ways that are a detriment to our families.

Our time is not wholly our own, so it’s best to make sure that how we spend it reflects this reality.