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Priests Are Superheroes

If I were a priest, the standing weekly appointment that I'd most look forward to, and at the same time most dread, is Reconciliation. Confession is a beautiful, necessary, and needed Sacrament. Yet, for the priest, it also means that he must stand in the place of Christ, already a challenging role, and receive the burdens of everyone. I imagine that experiencing the fight for good and evil in such a real way can be an emotional challenge.

Our priests are truly superheroes. Not only do they listen to our darkest secrets, and not only do they keep them in secrecy, but they then are able cut straight to the heart of the matter with words of wisdom, consolation, and peace. They hear our miserable failings and, in the face of hopelessness, shine a bright light on us and give us hope. They challenge us to do better and they grant us absolution.

We frequently get to experience the freedom of walking out of the Confessional with our sins having been forgiven. Let's not forget the men who sacrifice their lives to make it possible for us to receive the Sacraments that we so desperately need.