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When Prayer Becomes Alive

Your prayer life is a relationship.

It is a conversation between Creator and created.

Like any relationship, it is going to have its ups and its downs.

There will be days when you throw yourself completely into it. There will be days that it doesn’t make it very high on your to-do list. There will be days when it is the only thing that keeps you going.

There are Springs and there are Winters.

I believe that the most magical time is as the winter is fading. Spring is on the horizon and you notice an uptick in your energy.

This is the moment when your prayer becomes alive.

You start to put yourself in those Biblical stories. You speak the words of the “Hail Mary” with vigor. You pray the Act of Contrition, feeling every word.

As your prayer becomes more alive, you become ensnared in it. The words become a part of you.

It is a mystical experience.

But how do we get there?

Easy. Pray for it.

Pray through the winter that your prayer life may have a spring.

Pray to Him who brings all good things to completion.