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Potential Energy

The most enduring success that any of us can enjoy is often the result of extensive efforts over time. Years of quiet, diligent work results in “overnight success.” Although those around us can see the finished product, almost everyone misses the tiny wins that led to victory.

Sustaining any good habits over time, in pursuit of a personal goal, is never frictionless. Life ebbs and flows, with easy days and hard days. On the hard days, it’s easy to quit, especially if progress isn’t apparent. When we reach plateaus, we lose the instant feedback loop, and backsliding becomes a viable choice.

In those plateaus, it can be helpful to think of our good habits as potential energy. As I continue to store up daily reps of good choices, I build towards a brighter future. At some point, my body chemistry will be primed and ready to start losing weight again. Would I rather be firing on all cylinders or have to start cold? At some point, my spiritual life will reach spring again. Would I rather meet the change as a springboard to greater virtue, or have to start all over building a habit of prayer?

We can’t always see the change happening, especially within ourselves. The only thing that we can perceive is our daily actions, and the trajectory that they send us on. We can either be primed and ready for the next phase of growth, or start behind the 8-ball. Storing up potential energy now prepares us for the explosion of personal growth that’s right around the corner.