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Over the past year or so, I’ve been on a mission to lose weight. To date, I’m down about 26 lbs with 10 more to go.

One of the difficult things about weight loss is that you will get some really good momentum going, but then you’ll plateau. Your body will hold steady at a certain weight and only fluctuate a pound or two.

These plateaus separate the men from the boys. The boys get frustrated, give up, and go back to their old habits. Six months later, they’re back to where they started, if not further. The men persevere. They understand the cycle of weight loss has some lulls, but that’s the time to dig in, not quit.

The same thing can be said about marriage.

You’ll have those “springtimes” where you and your wife are in sync and everything is moving on smoothly. You’ll also have “winters” that are long and difficult.

The winters are like the plateaus. They’re temporary, but in the moment they seem like they will never end.

So what are you. A boy or a man?