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Plan Your Dreams

When you dream, dream big.

Alison and I have many dreams. One of them is for us to go on our honeymoon. When we got married, we decided that with our schedules and finances, it would be prudent to delay our honeymoon. We really wanted to go to Italy for a few weeks and that simply wasn’t a possibility for us at that time in our life.

So our Italian honeymoon became a dream. It’s a big dream. There will be lots of planning to do before we’re ready to take that trip of a lifetime. So while we can’t go to Italy today, we can begin preparing today.

Typically a dream is being held up by something. It could be your age, job, health, or any number of other factors. That’s why the dream isn’t a reality, yet. But dreams are meant to be believed, so while it isn’t a reality yet, we do believe that it will be someday.

When dreams are put on hold, it can be a challenge to endure the time between now and when your dream is fulfilled. Planning your dreams now can be a helpful motivation. So if you need to get to a healthy weight before you can travel, each time you exercise, you can think of how satisfying that trip will be. If you need to pay off debt, it will be a lot easier for you to put as much money towards loans as you can so that you’ll be free to do whatever you want.

Dreams that are huge require huge amounts of planning. I hope your dreams are massive. I hope you dream of running a marathon, building your own personal villa, or traveling around the world. While today you can't run a mile without stopping, while you may be drowning in debt, while you may have a job that only gives you 12 days off per year, one day you will do those things.

Work with your wife now to start planning. Do massive amounts of research, read reviews. Plan your vacation down to the minute. Plan your dream home down to the last foot of copper piping. Write your business plan with the most extensive of details.

With hard work, the question becomes, “When will I live my dream,” instead of “Will I live my dream?"