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We live busy, hectic lives. When you first get married, you both might be young professionals. Both of you are working hard on your careers. It is a great phase of life to be in.

As with any stage of life, it has its own threats. The greatest of these is time poverty. There simply isn’t enough time to do all of the things that you must. You end up having to make tough choices.

I would challenge you to start looking at your time and activities differently. Think of yourself as investing time. You invest time in your marriage by spending time with your wife. You invest time in entertainment watching a movie. You invest time in your health by exercising.

When you start to view time as an investment, you make different choices. When you view time as a commodity, as a resource, you tend to not spend it so loosely. You begin to make different choices. Even the saints viewed time in this way.

St. Isidore the Farmer is one of those saints. He lived at the end of the 1000s in Spain. St. Isidore knew the importance of investing time in his faith. Every morning, even during the harvest time, he went to Mass. One might think his time might have been better invested in his work. Miraculously, while he was at Mass, Angels were seen plowing his fields.

St. Isidore made a sound investment of his time, and he was richly rewarded.

Having a daily routine of prayer can help us to remain grounded. It can increase our charity and decrease our sin. It can lead to more peace and comfort in our lives. It can help us to be better men. It can make us better workers.

Adding prayer to your daily routine isn’t too difficult. You should first decide on what your goals are. Then, you need to make a plan. Like working out, too much too fast can be discouraging. Be reasonable. Make this a transition that is natural and gradual.

What are some easy ways to add daily prayer in your routine?
  • Rosary on your daily commute
  • Commute too short? How about a Divine Mercy Chaplet
  • Get up 15 minutes early and pray Morning Prayer
  • Take 10 minutes of your lunch break for some meditation
  • Wind down just before bed with some spiritual reading

It has never been easier to pray! With all of the apps for your phone and tablet, you can find some Catholic apps to assist you. Even the Bible can fit on your device! Take advantage of these technologies.

It is easy to include prayer in your life, you just need discipline. Make this small investment of time and reap the dividends it pays!