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Parenting: Exhilarating and Exhausting

Now that more of my friends are getting married and having kids, my Facebook timeline, or whatever we're calling it now, is filled with pictures of children. Heck, I look at my own Instagram and it's basically just pictures of Benedict. To some it may be annoying, but I think this all speaks to a deeper truth. Children are the most important thing in their parent's lives.

The selflessness required of parents is absolute. For the hours when the children are awake, they take the full attention of their parents. Parents eat last, clean constantly, and are the cruise director for their children’s lives. When the children are asleep, the parent is on alert for any cries or sounds of distress, checking constantly to ensure their safety and welfare. It's altogether awesome and exhausting.

While there are certainly some selfish parents out there, on the whole, I think that parenthood awakens within the average adult a deep desire to serve. It's basic, it’s noble, it's human, and it's something to aspire to.

To the parents reading this blog, I applaud you. To those who wish to be, start preparing now.