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Overwhelmed with Gratitude

Life is full of grand adventure. Our emotions, and the circumstances around us, can cast us into profound sadness or propel us to extreme happiness. We all have a tendency to take things for granted, so when we’re in the times of great joy, we should remember to acknowledge the source from which all blessings flow.

Earlier this Spring, I had one of those joyful experiences. Alison, Benedict, and I were at Mass with my parents in the parish that I grew up in. When we’re with my parents, Benedict ditches us for them. So while he was crawling all over the pew and playing with everything, Alison and I were left mostly in peace. Sitting there with Alison and our unborn child, I felt grateful for all that I have. I felt a deep sense of gratitude for the blessing of my family, especially the one that Alison and I are building together.

Gratitude is a trait that I hope to pass on to my children. A major component of the human experience is reliance on others. Alone, we can do little, but together, we can do a lot. We’re an interdependent species that fares far better when we work together. Acknowledging those who help us or have been kind to us should be an integral part of who we are as people.

We have each been given many blessings in this life. In good times and in bad, be sure that you’re grateful for what you have.